Motor Capacity

48V 10Ah

Battery Capacity

40 KM/H

Top Speed

6-7 Hours

Charging Time

45 KM

Max Range

120 KG

Max Load


iX3 800W Brushless Motor

800W electric scooter for adult allows for speeds up to 40 KM

Powerful Power From The One Motors!

The electric scooters has a 800 W motor, boosting up to 40 KM quickly. The powerful motor helps you easily overcome small inclines towards city streets.

Dual Braking System Makes It Safer

Dual Suspensions,allowing extreme comfort of the riders experience even on bumpy roads.

40 KM/H Travel Range

48V 10Ah battery up to 40 KM/H of range depending on road condition, weight of rider.It can bring you longer cruising range, stability and safety.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Daniel miller

Great scooter! My son is very happy.

Ansel Russell

This thing is so fun. I bought it for my son and can’t wait to us it when he’s not around. Ha ha

Lydia Micah

I didn't buy ix3 for its safety features. My scooter won't be off roading. On a smooth surface , that you know, this scooter is really more fun than one should be allowed.

Ed MacMillan

As a first time owner of an iScooter, I am most impressed by the options on it. Brake light, signal light and a headlight that really lights up the way. The scooter is well designed with safety in mind. For anyone that has done skate boarding or roller blading, this is something that you will love! The shipping was fast and on time as promised and no damage what so ever! I would not hesitate in purchasing another if I had to

Willie Longman

I have to say it is a fantastic scooter, I wanted something a little faster with suspension but in my price range i choose this one. It has exceeded my exception very easy to use rides awesome. the shipping was quick it was just how they said it would be and that is rare. I have only had it for a week now never had a electric scooter want to see how the batteries last the range last believing it will continue to inpress me

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