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This iX3 scooter has everything: Looks, power, and range. which makes it easy to carry anywhere and it's packed with all sorts of features.


An i9 escooter is a great way to go. They're convenient, speedy and eco-friendly. And I can tell you from first-hand experience, they're a lot cheaper to repair than a car.


The iX6 is a reliable electric scooter that can take you very far.


It truly is a monster, Even powerful enough to ride up steeper hills.


Next to electric bikes, they can also prove more portable and easier to store, while offering a similarly low-effort means of getting from A to B.

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800W, 45KM, 40KM/H, App Supported

iX3 800W Off Road Electric Scooter

The iX3 seamlessly transitions between urban commuting and outdoor off-road exploration, providing a versatile and adaptable transportation option.

◉ Smart LCD meter, improved night visibility, shows speed, range, battery status, cruise control and so on, so easy for you to see and control.

◉ 10 Inch off-road pneumatic tubeless tires that are designed to handle many terrains from asphalt road to dirt roads.

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