i8 i9 iX3 M iX6 R3Pro i12

Motor Power

350W 350W 800W 800W 800W 1600W 500W


8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires 8.5 inch Honeycomb Tires 10 inch Pneumatic Tires 10 inches Off Road Solid Tires 11 inch Pneumatic Tires 10 inch Off Road Tires 12 inch Pneumatic Tires

Maximum Load

100KG 120KG 120KG 200KG 150KG 200KG 120KG

Product Weight

12KG 13KG 22G 22KG 24KG 29KG 20KG

Maximum Speed

25KM/H 25KM/H 40KM/H 45KM/H 45KM/H 45KM/H 25KM/H

Maximum Range

20KM 28KM 45KM 40KM 45KM 50KM 35KM

Suspension Type

Front Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Front & Rear Dual Suspensions Rear

Support APP

Scooter Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rosa Liao

I like the scooters, runs decently fast, very comfortable space to stand up, easy to manage, looking forward to buy some accessories.

Bassel Brown

My family loved the Iscooter, we have 2 and will buy one more for the kiddo. It’s fast and lots of fun for a 43 year old

Paul Caplis

These scooters are awesome. Great features and so fun

David Young

Awesome price. Got here before Christmas. Amazing quality. These scooters are nice. Don't be afraid to pull the trigger and buy these for yourself or your kids!

Brianna Musso

We've bought 4 of these scooters now and all have been great. Amazing fun for the family. Great scooters for a great price! Definitely recommend!! Next up for the test will be your off road version.

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